Selective Reaction Monitoring (SRM)

Our state of the art SRM technology can be applied for biomarker panels of up to one hundred proteins and targeted quantitation of proteins. Absolute quantitation can be done with isotopically labeled reference peptides

Proteome-Wide Profiling

Labeled or unlabeled profiling of fluids and solid tissues can be used for biomarker discovery, elucidating mechanism of action (MOA) or a therapeutic, or for understanding a biological system. Isobaric labeling allows for sample multiplexing of up to eight samples, providing for higher throughput and more robust statistics.

Protein Identification

We offer identification of unknown proteins from relatively simple mixtures and identification of antibody sequences without prior knowledge of sequence information.

Protein Characterization

JadeBio can perform single protein analysis for identification of sites modification or additional sequence information. We also offer antibody sequencing for sibling identification or complete sequencing of an antibody. For pull down experiments we can provide immunoprecipitation characterization for identification of co-immunoprecipitating proteins.